meGood to meet you, and thanks for stopping by!

Ever since I was young, I found myself drawn to Japanese culture, from its anime and manga to its Shinto ceremonies and the quirks behind each kanji.

I began studying the Japanese language at age 16 and added a double major in Japanese in my second year at UC Irvine. I had an immense passion for translation and the Japanese language, and a semester abroad in the Japanese countryside was the last thing that convinced me to pursue a career in translation.

After graduating, I was admitted to the JET program and spent a year teaching English in the tiny village of Doshi-mura, Yamanashi-ken, where every day granted me the wondrous sight of Mt. Fuji peeking out between the gap in the valley.  The immersive experience only reinforced my decision to translate full-time, as well as granted me the cultural knowledge that would later assist me in my work.

I enrolled in Kent State University’s MA program in Translation in 2014, where I spent two years learning not only about translation, but translation theory and philosophy, ethics, editing, programming, software localization, and a brief foray into screenwriting. (You can read some excerpts from my thesis here.)

Today, I live in Los Angeles, CA, where I work full-time for SEGA of America as a translator, editor, and localization coordinator for the video game industry. By night, I moonlight as a localization specialist, serving big-name clients in the entertainment and marketing industries.