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My industry experience and commitment to educating the public on translation has led to my being featured in a variety of publications.

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Major Publications

Kotaku: Persona 3 & Persona 4 Translators Left Out of Game’s Credits

“Unfortunately, translators are still pretty invisible”, Leonoudakis says. “A good translation is seamless, and doesn’t read like a translation at all to the reader. This is why it’s all the more important to credit the translators, writers, and localization staff that create the localizations of games. If game developers want to profit from the regions they’re localizing their games for, the least they can do is credit the people who made all that profit possible.”

Slator: ‘Sorry, Peeps’: Translator Bows Out of ‘Impossible’ Manga Translation After 13 Chapters

She added that in her opinion, this manga would best be translated once the series is completed: “That way, any connections between puzzles, quotes, and mysteries can be adequately tied together, and the translator could establish an approach to translating the puzzles that’s more consistent across chapters.”

The Japan Times: Are your Japanese translations sounding robotic? Opt for the human touch.

It’s up to us to educate media creators, LSPs and distributors about the value of investing in good localization,” [Leonoudakis] says. “When done well, localization is a profit enabler. When done poorly, it is an insult to the creators of the original work and the target audience.

Input Magazine: As translation technology improves, game localizations are getting worse

“Every language pair has its own difficulties,” she adds. “Japanese doesn’t distinguish between singular and plural, but English does. English doesn’t distinguish between male and female for adjectives, but Spanish does…each of these difficulties comes with a choice – do we ask the dev to reengineer something? Do we avoid pronouns entirely, or use abbreviations?”

Interviews & Videos

Slator Magazine: The World of Japanese Game and Media Localization With Katrina Leonoudakis

(Jan. 2022) One-hour video interview covering hot topics in game localization, including the usage of MT, balancing stakeholder needs, maintaining high-quality talent pools, applying theory and philosophy to localization, and more.

Anime Corner: Interview: Translating Anime With Katrina Leonoudakis

“I’m always learning new things, whether it’s a very obscure bit of grammar, new slang I’ve never heard before, or a historical martial arts technique that barely has a Japanese Wikipedia article, let alone anything in English.”

Interviews with Localizers: Katrina Leonoudakis – Engineer By Day, Translator By Night – Interviews With Localizers

“There are so many barriers to effective sim ship […] and I’m looking forward to seeing how we break down and/or mold ourselves around those barriers. Working closer with creative teams during the development of content is the best and most reliable way to make sim ship feasible–and of good quality, no less.”