My Services



Specializations: Experience

Entertainment: Television & movie scripts, manga, DVD booklets, interviews
Marketing & Localization:
Print advertisements & commercials, web marketing
Psychology & Public Health:
Grant proposals, article abstracts & full texts
Legal Documents: 
Corporate registrations, birth certificates & koseki (family registers)

In addition to the areas listed above, I have training at the graduate level in the fields of medical, legal, business, technical, and fiction translation.

Editing & Post-Editing Machine Translation

(See above for specialization and experience)

Professional training in translation editing was a major part of my Master’s degree program, with several classes dedicated to the difficult task of editing another translator’s work. I am also trained in machine translation post-editing.

DTP Services


Specializing in: Photoshop, InDesign, MSOffice Suite
Experience with: Newsletter design, assembly, and editing; Photoshop editing of rendered images, chart and graphic design

As the editor for several organizations’ publications in the past, I have plenty of professional experience working in Microsoft Office and the Adobe CS suite, as well as in graphic design, Photoshop doctoring, and typography.

Web & App Localization


Specializing in: Website localization, CSS, website image transcreation

Six years of experience in the IT field and graduate-level training in HTML, CSS, and .exe localization have prepared me well for the field of web and app localization.

I am formally trained with SDL’s Passolo for application localization, but I am comfortable working with proprietary programs as well.