Praise & Accolades


2020 Dubtalk Podcast’s Unsung Hero Award


For my translation of Interspecies Reviewers, Episode 9 (Anime News Network):

As a final thought, the person who is doing the subtitles for AnimeLab for this series deserves a call-out for the exceptional job being turned in here. This series had to be particularly challenging, especially with words being bleeped out in the Japanese dialog and sexual slang no doubt varying between the two languages, but every week the subtitles have been smooth and appropriately saucy. Perhaps most importantly, they don’t come across as trying too hard to be hip. Honestly, I can’t imagine that task being done better right now.

Theron Martin, ANN

For my translation of Kageki Shoujo!! Episode 8 (Anime News Network):

Kageki Shojo!! was already good thanks to its source material (and its localization – Katrina Leonoudakis is a J-E localization goddess who should get to translate all the things; I’m biased, and I’m absolutely letting that show.)…

Mercedez Clewis, ANN